Moon Journal

Are you online, hour after hour, reading astrological blogs & watching videos created by talented, well-meaning astrologers? With all due respect, while they may not even know you, and have never seen YOUR natal chart, they continue to outline what is happening in your life, how you are or should be feeling about it, what you should expect, when to expect it and how to react to it and dozens of reasons why things are the way they are…..why not try your own hand at it!

BASIC VERSION: The Green Mountain Moon Journal is available as an instant download at my Etsy Shop: Green Mountain Moon. Purchase the instant downloadable “basic” version (currently for 2018 into 2019), which covers 13 moon cycles. The downloadable journal is kept up to date, so you are always purchasing timely moon cycles. The cost is $22. Check in for frequent discount opportunities, or request a personal discount based on your own finances. You will need a copy of your own natal chart. You can create your chart for free at some online sites, or order yours for a small fee from Green Mountain Intuitive Arts.

PERSONALIZED VERSION: Contact me directly or request a personalized version: click on the “Request Custom Order” button on Etsy. You will need to send your birth date, time and location of birth as well as your current location. No addresses are required. All journals are digital PDF file format. It is not necessary to print out your journal, as it can be viewed and just write your entries on your own paper or computer. Your personalized Journal will have your natal chart, unique added journaling astrological prompts based on your current location, astrological info about your natal moon phase and eclipse information for the time frame of your journal. Digital price: $44 . Check in for discount events or request one.   I need a few day’s notice to create it, is not an instant download and you will need to submit your birth data (date, time and city/town of birth) and current town/city of residence.  There are also other options available, pricing varies for your unique Personalized Green Mountain Moon Journal. The 13 lunar months of the journal are not static like a regular calendar, but are started for the upcoming lunar cycle when you purchase your journal.


Research  shows that journaling is great for our mental health and well-being.

We are linked  to the moon’s phases and cycles. We first used the phases and cycles of the moon to measure time.  Women correlated their menstrual cycles to the pattern of light and dark, and still do today.n

Directions,  questions to prompt your stages of change, a keyword system to inspire you, and a formatted journal for your sentence writing are included. You do need your natal birth chart, which is available through free resources online.

Order Basic, Personalized and your natal chart by contacting Green Mountain Intuitive Arts or go to my Etsy shop, “Green Mountain Moon” (see link in right side bar).