Archery, Intuition & Meditation

Archery is a hunter’s tool, a warrior’s tool, a shaman’s tool. The bow and arrow belong to all cultures and continents.  The practice of archery is our universal spiritual practice. Dhanurveda, in the Bhagavad-Gita, translates to “science of archery”.  As one of the most ancient of martial arts, it is a meditative and sacred yogic practice. Arrows are tools of divination in some cultures.

Bring added impact to your ceremonies, rituals, team building and other dynamic group work with archery. Design your personalized program with the intuitive tools of the bow and arrow. Enhance your focus and self-confidence.

As safety is of prime importance during all lessons and events through Green Mountain Intuitive Arts, students are required to abide by safety rules which are discussed at the start of each session.

Mary Anna has developed a unique walking archery course, that can be designed for your individual or small group meditation and divinatory experience.

Mary Anna is a USA Archery Level 2 Instructor/Level 2 Instructor Trainer, practitioner of Mindfulness and other meditation practices. She is a Reiki Level II practitioner.

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