The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2022

This video is a short example of how to start your journal entry process using The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal. Choose from the keyword system for the astrological sign and the house where the degree of the moon phase is in your natal chart. Create a sentence and then launch into your own entries as to how the sentence is meaningful in your current life. NOTE: Handmade black walnut ink and bamboo pen purchased through ETSY shop: ArtByTobiasInigo. 

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Intuition – Inspiration -Insight

  • Open to your intuition and write journal entries for each moon phase.
  • Engage your inner cosmos.
  • Contemplate your current life goals, decision, joys, and challenges.
  • Attuning with the moon’s phases is an ancient and repeating ritual that we share with all forms of life on Earth.
  • Intuitively choose from astrologically focused keywords and other prompts to create your journal entries.
  • Add intuitive inspiration from your own favorite tarot or oracle deck, spells, prayers, affirmations, blessings or other journaling prompts that are part of your personal culture and spiritual process.
  • Learn or review the astrological basics of your chart as you journal through the year.
  • Eclipse dates are included.

Intuition, inspiration, insight! The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal focuses on the eight phases of each moon cycle during 2022 and the astrological degrees of the Moon and Sun at each phase.

The last moon cycle of 2021 is included so you can work with the journal before the new year begins!

Create intuitive journal entries for each phase, using your own natal astrological chart (not included), with a basic keyword system based on the moon phase, astrological sign, and astrological house that the degree of each phase is placed in your natal chart.

You can use this without your chart, as a stand-alone astrological moon journal and follow the general prompts. For deeper personalized engagement, you will need a copy of your own natal chart to easily bring the house placement of each phase to your journaling. Create your chart for free online at sites that you trust or order for a small fee from Green Mountain Intuitive Arts.

Each phase of the moon’s cycle correlates with the pattern of light and dark, the life cycle of plants and all of life, and the stages of change. Astrological degrees for the sun at each moon phase are again included this year! After all, the light we see in the moon is the sunlight reflecting off of the moon’s surface. After creating your basic journal entry for each phase, open to your intuition to see how your entry aligns with your current life goals and decisions, joys, and challenges. Eclipse dates are included. This journal is calculated in UTC for easy conversion to any time zone.

Left page: Importance of knowing your own natal moon phase.
Right page: general info on moon phases
Left page: Overview of general prompts for each of the eight moon phases.
Right page: Daily ephemeris at noon UTC and House Keywords
Moon Phase Reference Page, Phase prompts, Ephemeris and House Keyword prompts, Journaling pages for each moon phase.
Journal Entry Page; one page per eight moon phases in each moon cycle for 2021.

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″, 138 pages. Quality paper for hand-writing your journal entries.

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