I got this photo today… I got a closer peek today, July 26, 20200 Toadie has been quaranteening in the plant for some weeks now.  During the height of the heatwave over the weekend, I moved the pot into a […]

Capricorn Solar Eclipse Dec. 26, 2019

Eclipse Dec 26. 2019 Green Mountain Intuitive arts

Eclipses are the doorways, the transitions we need to become awakened. Things that need our attention can no longer be swept under the rug…we see them more clearly and they now can be so distracting that we just have to […]

Chiron Retrograde: Light Enters

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” – Rumi Where will the light enter you? Let the light enter you. The Pisces/Aries Chiron retrograde of 2018-19 is currently underway, although we are not in the actual retrograding […]