Event: Afternoon Moon Salon

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Dates in 2020: SATURDAYS 3 pm to 5 pm

EVENT: Afternoon Moon Salon: an astrological journaling social

Join with other moon lovers-followers for this astrological moon journaling social gathering! Follow the moon cycle in alignment with your natal chart, and create journal entries for each of the eight moon phases and journaling prompts. When the moon cycle energy is darkened during the reflective and contemplative balsamic phase to new moon phase, it is a perfect time for intuitive skills and journaling.
For any level of astrological knowledge or astrological curiosity. Discussion and sharing is invited, or work quietly on your own. I will guide you with the astrological side of the process, as well as help getting you started on your sentence entries/sentence building. 
    • January 18th – Aquarius New Moon is 1/24 – 3:41pm
    • February 22  – Pisces
    • March 21  – Aries
    • April 18  – Taurus
    • May 16th – Gemini New Moon is May 22nd – 3:38 EST
    • June 20th Happy Solsticey New Moon! – First Cancer Full Moon Eclipse on July 5th
    • July 18th – Second Cancer New moon is an Eclipse on July 21
    • August 15th – Leo
    • September 12th – Virgo
    • October 10th  – Libra
    • November 14th – Scorpio  (Full Moon Eclipse on the 30th)
    • December 12th – Sagittarius – New Moon Eclipse on the 14th
• Location: Sacred Vessel Tattoo Studio, 18 Langdon St., Second Floor, Montpelier, VT
• Facilitated by: Mary Anna Abuzahra, Green Mountain Intuitive Arts
• Cost:$20 – $30 sliding scale
• Your birth data will be required to print up your chart, or bring your own copy.
  • Limited space available so please contact me if you plan to attend, so I can save a space for you and bring the documents you will need.
  • You do not need to purchase the Green Mountain Moon Journal 2020, all documents will be provided if you don’t already have the journal. However, the journals are available for sale at all Salon dates or pick one up at Sacred Vessel Tattoo anytime during open hours ($16.00) – or – you can order one through me or Amazon.
  • Contact  Green Mountain Intuitive Arts for further information and/or payment arrangements for sliding scale or purchase through Paypal button below.
  • Please specify which dates you plan to attend.

Afternoon Moon Salon