Astrology Transit Kit


Astrology Transit Kit, wooden hand burned push pins, natal chart, cork board.



Track astrology transits around your natal chart!

Track the planets, sun, moon and Goddess asteroids as they transit through the zodiac. By tracking the transits of the planets you learn and utilize astrology in your everyday life. The Astrology Transit Kit helps you to visualize the movement of each planet, as they move through the houses and signs of your own natal chart.

This is a helpful gift for friends who are beginning or advanced astrology lovers!
Plan ahead for your favorite gift-giving holiday.
This is a great birthday present for a new baby, a friend, family member, or yourself! Follow the planets in your own child’s chart!

Astrological Transit Kit $60 USD
Cork board in a white frame, 12 x 12 inches
Natal chart decoupaged to cork. Tropical/Placidus system is used unless otherwise requested.
Planet Glyph Wooden Push Pins, woodburning done by myself!
All planets, Sun, Moon, Chiron, and 4 Goddess asteroids, one optional asteroid if requested


Included on Natal Chart:

-All planets including Pluto and Chiron
-4 Goddess Asteroids: Ceres, Pallas Athena, Vesta, and Juno
NOTE: If you would like any other particular asteroids, please mention this
if they are available in my software, I can add them to the chart on an outer ring.

Further Info:

FYI – to track your planetary transits on a daily basis, an ephemeris is needed.
These are available for purchase elsewhere through several book publishers.
Some people use Midnight time, some prefer Noon time, either one is good, it’s a personal preference. If you are doing your own mathematical calculations to adjust for time zones, you may find a Midnight Ephemeris is easier.
Free ephemeris of the planets are available at several online websites with a quick search 🙂


Shipping is not included in fee, will be calculated from Montpelier, VT to your zip code.

Please submit your natal data after ordering, using the secure CONTACT, inquire, schedule, order page.

If you prefer, you may also order this through my ETSY page: Green Mountain Moon.

Chart pictured is William Butler Yeats’.

Astrology Transit Kit
Astrology Transit Kit Green Mountain Intuitive Arts 2019
Astrology Transit Kit
Green Mountain Intuitive Arts 2019


AstrologicalPush Pins, wood burned  Astrology Transit Kit Green Mountain Intuitive Arts 2019
Astrological Push Pins Astrology Transit Kit Green Mountain Intuitive Arts 2019