Part of Fortune: Personalized 2019


This offer is for your personalized Part of Fortune at each of the eight moon phases for each moon cycle in 2019. You will receive a PDF with the zodiac degrees to use to find keywords to create an added prompt for your Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2019.

When purchasing, please submit:

  • the town/city/state/province/country where you currently reside
  • your email where I can send the PDF file. I do not need your birth data or street addresses.


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Purchase the Part of Fortune degrees for, personalized for 2019 at each moon phase, for an added journaling prompt with your Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2019. This astrological degree is derived from the angle between Sun, Moon and Ascendant at your location at the moment of each moon phase. The prompt is to create a secondary phrase as to how to engage in your intended action for that moon phase. You receive a PDF file in your email. Directions are included.

This info is not a computer generated report; I prepare your document using Solar Fire astrological software, but it is is specifically for you, using your current location of residence. No street addresses or personal identification required, just your town or city, for accuracy.
Please submit your email address to receive your file.
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bright blessings!