Astrological Moon Journaling Guided Meditation

NOTE: All recordings are by Mary Anna Abuzahra, Green Mountain Intuitive Arts. All rights are reserved. Please do not copy and paste these recordings into your website without express written consent from me. However, you may download them for your own personal journaling and meditation use. Background music, “Divine Love” is composed and produced by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and is licensed for use.

This page is a resource for the most recent audio recording that I publish for each moon phase, to provide some guidance and inspiration for your moon journaling process, with or without your natal chart.

Check my recent posts for a transcript of the audio, as well as the audio track for each moon cycle.

Use The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2021 or your own journal.

Check Insight Timer app and Soundcloud for free listening as well and for previous recordings.

Taurus Moon Cycle 2021-Total Lunar Eclipse at Full moon

The Green Mountain Astrological Moon Journal 2021 is a basic journal that contains journaling pages and prompts for each of the eight phases for each moon cycle in the year. It is calculated in UTC for easy time conversion to your own time zone. The degrees of the Moon and Sun are posted on each phase so you can easily find the degrees in your natal chart. Astrological keywords are provided for each phase.

Directions, and other resources are included. Eclipse dates are included. The journal is basic, so you can bring your own cultural & religious holidays and practices to your journaling. There are blank areas for journaling and blank area for any other inspirations, such as affirmations, tarot, prayers, or spell-work.